Horgan isn't backing down from Kinder Morgan pipeline fight

Apr 9 2018, 3:59 pm

After Kinder Morgan announced it’s suspending all non-essential activities and related spending on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, due to what it said was – among other things – “continued actions in opposition to the project by BC,” Premier John Horgan isn’t backing down from his position.

“British Columbians expect their government to stand-up for their interests and our coast, and to do everything we can to protect our land and waters, our coastal communities and our local economies,” he said.

The federal process “failed to consider BC’s interests and the risk to our province,” he added. “We joined the federal challenge, started by others, to make that point.”

Ultimately, Horgan said he believes BC does need to grow its economy, while still protecting the environment.

“We want to work to address these challenges together,” he said. “But we will always stand up for British Columbians, our environment and the thousands of jobs that depend on our coast.”

Alberta Premier says Horgan is “wrong”

Meanwhile, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley isn’t softening her stance on the project either.

“Albertans have been clear – get this pipeline built. And Albertans are right – this pipeline must be built,” she said.

Notley also called out Horgan for his government’s stance on the project.

“[Horgan] believes he can harass this project without economic consequences for his province. He is wrong,” she said. “Second, Premier Horgan believes he can harass the investors and managers of Kinder Morgan, that they will give up, and that this will kill this project. He is wrong here as well.”

Alberta, she said, “is prepared to do whatever it takes to get this pipeline built – including taking a public position in the pipeline.”

Notley also said her government would be bringing forward legislation in coming days “giving our government the powers it needs to impose serious economic consequences on BC if its government continues on its present course.”

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