10 ridiculously awesome photos of John Garrett proves he’s the real Burger King (PHOTOS)

Mar 30 2017, 3:32 am

There are few former players or broadcasters that are more lovable characters than John Garrett.

The former NHL player and longtime colour commentator is famous for commenting on Safeway Score and Win products during Canucks broadcasts on Sportsnet. Personally, I love it. I could listen to him go on about what he puts Cheez Whiz on all day.

Some of the other Garrett stories are the stuff of legend.

He was going to win the NHL All-Star MVP (and a car) in 1983 until Wayne Gretzky stole it from him (figuratively, of course) in the third period.

He once tried to fight Mario Lemieux.

On a terrible Canucks team in 1984-85, he finished the season with a 6.49 goals against average. That earned him the nickname “Lotto.”

There are some great Garrett stories as a broadcaster too.

Former play-by-play partner Chris Cuthbert has told the tale that Garrett didn’t use utensils for a single meal during a three-week run in the Stanley Cup playoffs together.

That leads me to the main reason for this article: Garrett’s eating habits on the road.

If you’re a Canucks fan on Twitter, you follow Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy and you know what I’m about to show you next.

Burgers. So many burgers.

Murph has an ongoing series of John Garrett pictures that he graces the internet with. Nearly all of them involve the former Canucks goalie with his face in a hamburger.

“I can let you in on one little secret, I’m never there,” Murphy told Daily Hive. “Those pictures are always taken by John Shorthouse and sent to me because he doesn’t have Twitter.”

A shocking revelation!

“I do not take part in the daily burger lunch,” he continued. “It’s always Shorthouse and Garrett. They’re the burger fiends.”

As a burger enthusiast myself, I get it. In-N-Out Burger in LA? Sign me up.

I think I could go toe to toe with Garrett and Shorthouse. For a few days, anyway. Because these guys are machines.

“If I ate like Shortie (John Shorthouse) for the past 20 years on the road, I would be 500 pounds. It’s amazing the genes those two have.”

On the road, Murph estimates that 75% of Garrett and Shorthouse lunches involve some kind of burger. He says that’s a conservative estimate.

And the other 25%?

“If Garrett wants a healthy lunch – I’m sometimes there with him – a healthy lunch for John is if we go to Subway. He gets the same thing every time. On Italian bread, he gets ham and cheese, double cheese, extra mayo. No veggies.”

While Shorthouse goes healthier at dinner, often with a salad, Garrett powers on.

“Even at dinner, most of the time we bow to Cheech’s pressure and we’ll go eat somewhere that’s a sports bar or something so he can not have to use utensils and I can usually find something as well.”

Here they are, the best John Garrett eating a burger on the road photos for the 2016-17 season:

1. A&W

2. Smashburger

3. Hardee’s

4. Five Guys

5. Johnny Rockets

6. Shake Shack

7. Wendy’s

8. Five Guys (again)

9. Burger King

10. In-N-Out Burger


These are hard times for Garrett, as he’s given up fries and ketchup for 40 days during lent.

What does Garrett eat at games, you ask?

Well, there’s nachos…

More nachos…


Hot dogs…

John Garrett, I salute you, for you are truly the real Burger King.

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