Nearly 25,000 job positions need to be filled for BC's provincial election

Sep 28 2020, 5:59 pm

Elections BC is looking to fill approximately 25,000 positions for the upcoming provincial election.

The non-partisan office says that they’re currently hiring election officials who will be needed to work on General Voting Day.

“Election officials have an important role to play in the electoral process,” says Elections BC on its website. “They ensure that voters receive excellent service and have the opportunity to vote safely.”

Potential applicants, according to the office, include those wanting to participate in the democratic process who are looking for short-term, temporary work, and want to be part of a province-wide team.

There are three roles that currently need to be filled. A voting officer helps set up voting stations, instructs voters on how to mark and fold ballots, counts votes, and reports election results.

An information officer informs voters about any necessary requirements, controls voter and vehicle traffic at voting sites, and assists anyone who may have special needs or requires additional assistance.

A supervisory voting officer oversees a voting place or a group of voting places, supervises other staff, and ensures that voting procedures are correctly followed.

All election officials have to be impartial and non-partisan and require basic English language and literacy skills. Elections BC also adds that the workday is expected to be 14 hours or longer and will run from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm.

Compensation ranges from $288 to $490 for the day of work, plus online training or classroom training.

Election officials must be at least 15 years old and legally entitled to work in BC. They’ll also need to wear a face mask at all times and possibly a face shield. Training is mandatory, even if you’ve worked as an election official before.

More information on available positions and how to apply can be found online.

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