Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at Vancouver Aquarium's glass-eyed rockfish (VIDEOS)

Dec 19 2017, 1:37 pm

A one-eyed rockfish at the Vancouver Aquarium received a glass-eyeball so that it would not be bullied by other fish? Clearly, this is material late night comedians yearn for.

On Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon mentioned the Vancouver Aquarium’s recent procedure to give a rockfish a taxidermic glass eye.

The aging fish had developed cataracts which necessitated having the eyed removed for health reasons. However, without one of its eyes the other fishes in the tank would attack it for appearing sick and weak.

“This is a crazy story,” said Fallon during his monologue. “So far the toughest part has been other rockfish figuring out where to look when they’re talking to him… ‘Do you like swimming… or? Awkward.”

The Vancouver Aquarium says another rockfish also went through the same procedure and will return to the exhibit at the Vancouver International Airport’s terminal building.

Jimmy Fallon on the Vancouver Aquarium’s glass-eyed rockfish

Vancouver Aquarium: Rockfish Prosthetic Eye Surgery

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Feature Image: Vancouver Aquarium | H/T: CTV

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