Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings rips into Seattle-invading Blue Jays fans

Aug 24 2019, 10:42 am

Every year, tens of thousands of Blue Jays fans invade Seattle for the team’s west coast swing. Canadians from British Columbia, Alberta, and even Saskatchewan make the pilgrimage across the country and transform T-Mobile Park into a home game for the Blue Jays.

Although crowds have dissipated over the last few years, Blue Jays fans still make up the bulk of attendees for the annual Blue Jays-Mariners series in Seattle. Well, some Seattle natives are sick of these Canucks invading their territory.

One of them is former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. The man responsible for the longest winning streak in the show’s history was not impressed by the Blue Jays contingent taking over their ballpark.

Jennings fired a few additional “shots” to his original tweet. Why must people resort to low blows with the low blows and reference the spelling differences between Canada and the United States? Can’t we all just get along?

But this one might reignite the War of 1812.

Jennings isn’t the only Seattle resident who gets perturbed by the annual Blue Jays invasion at T-Mobile Park. Daniel Carroll, a devout Mariners devotee, defends his turf by rolling out these signs every year.

This is one of the newest signs Caroll brought out for this weekend’s series, and he knows how to cut to the core of Canadians; by bringing up how many Canadian teams have won a Stanley cup in the last quarter-century.


As Jennings mentioned, the Mariners drew first blood in the series, defeating the Blue Jays 7-4 on Friday evening. Toronto has two more opportunities to snatch a victory inside their “home away from home.”

Jennings is now in the process of mixing up with Canadian baseball fans online, which could continue for most of the day…

…at least until the second game of the series between the Jays and Mariners, which takes place Saturday night at T-Mobile Park.

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