Jeopardy contestants fail at Canadian trivia (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 11:29 pm

Jeopardy is not an easy show to master. For trivia buff’s, watching and playing along with the game show can be as exciting as seeing Daniel Sedin score in the final moments of a playoff game. But Canadians get a bit of a short stick when it comes to historical and geographical questions due to the American focus of the show.

Turns out the trouble works both ways. When faced with some tricky Canadian trivia, three recent Jeopardy contestants completely floundered and failed to answer a single question correctly in the category “Canadian Cities”.

We can laugh all we want, but in complete honesty, the questions were quite tough. Though us Canadians might do a better job of at least narrowing the city down by the correct province, we admit we didn’t know the answer to a few of these questions.

We have to hand it to contestant Randy; he was the only one of the three who even tried to make a guess.

[youtube id=”uAdDUD6L1nc”]

With the tables turned, how do you fare with some difficult American trivia? Take the quiz to find out whether you’re really better than our U.S. counterparts.


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