Jason Athen Debuts Art In Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 5:02 am

Meet Jason Athen, a Pennsylvania-born artist originally educated in culinary arts. Athen’s new work will debut in a Monday reception at the Artwork Hub!

Athen is a purely emotional artist. His work combines photography with everyday settings, and enhances them with underlying themes by drawing on his past & present experiences. Each layer he paints is used  to express the complexity of people and the world we all reside in.

His paintings have evolved from pop art to darker imagery through the use of heavy textures and abstract illustration. As he explores his own nature and experiences of love, loss, and peace, his art shifts. Jason works from an incredibly raw and honest place giving his work a life of its own.

“I paint with pure emotion in the moment so each piece has layers that represent different emotions throughout the creation of a piece, especially over a period of days. My hope is that people will connect with the emotion in each layer as they view my work and it will speak to them on an individually deeper level,” said Athen.

In 2007, Athen moved to Vancouver to become a rising artist and has showcased his work at many prestigious galleries such as Gastown’s Canvas Lounge, Petley Jones Gallery, and Athington Studios. He has also been involved in various special events hosted by McCarthy Tetrault, Steven Colbert Show, D.M.S. Dogwood Monarchist Society, and Variety – The Children’s Charity Telethon.

Athen hopes to find his artist’s signature look by trying new ideas and learning from new experiences like this one at The Artwork Hub. He is showcasing a combination of furniture and canvas work. “The furniture is an extenuation of my art brought into a very tangible statement. I feel in some ways it grounds my art, allows me to work in a 3-dimensional space and explore creativity, while distancing myself from the deeper emotional realm of my canvas work.”

The Artwork Hub is a creative office loft that provides up-and-coming artists the opportunity to promote themselves and gain exposure free of charge.  Its third floor lounge has expansive white walls, high ceilings accented by brick walls, and large windows that fill the room with natural light; making it ideal for art exhibitions




Special Event: Opening Reception
Monday,  July 25 6:30-8:30pm

Opening Day: July 25, 2011
Last Day:
 August 25, 2011

Where: The Artwork Hub
Directions: click here

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