Japan caps off Celebration of Light 2014 with stunning display (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Dec 19 2017, 11:31 am

Japan concluded the 24th annual Celebration of Light with a highly choreographed display that utilized a number of unique fireworks.

The fireworks were set to a non-lyrical soundtrack – with a mix of traditional Japanese music, classical and modern themes – that set it apart from the other two nights.

The winner of this year’s fireworks competition will be announced after the long weekend. Many have shared on social media that the third and final show was the best for 2014.

Vancouver Police have also stated that there were very incidents and arrests, less than the previous nights. This was also remarkable given the record crowd size of between 350,000 to 400,000 people in and around the parks and beaches at English Bay.

There are 346 liquor pour outs, 57 liquor seizures, 6 weapon seizures, 46 violation tickets issued, 14 bylaw tickets, 2 arrests for public intoxication and 7 breach of the peace arrests.

Time lapse video – Team Japan at Celebration of Light 2014

[youtube id=”cHferPI8sCA”]

Full 25 minute videos – Team Japan at Celebration of Light 2014

[youtube id=”C34JKvZnmqQ”]

[youtube id=”ACok6IHL7A0″]

[youtube id=”B-kDJmUPCS0″]

Photos – Team Japan at Celebration of Light 2014

jay bassan 1
Image: Jay Bassan

Image: Claude Martin

Image: Claude Martin

Image: Don Janus

Image: Luna Blue Photography

wilson wong 2
Image: Wilson Wong

wilson wong 1
Image: Wilson Wong

camille mig photography
Image: Camille Mig

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

Image: Peter So Photography

japan fireworks 1
Image: SeaSide Signs

japan fireworks 2
Image: Hammond Photography

justin ruscheinski
Image: Justin Ruscheinski

wendy tung
Image: Wendy Tung

wilson wong 3
Image: Wilson Wong

Image: TattoodGuy Photography

Social Media Photos – Team Japan at Celebration of Light 2014