Jacquie Somerville's My Fat Little Rule Book Pre-Launch Party

This past week, 35-plus local fashionistas, foodies, and society reporters gathered in the Hotel Georgia penthouse suite to meet author Jacquie Somerville and to hear excerpts from her upcoming book, My Fat Little Rule Book. An evening of food, fashion, and a more than a hint of glamor, the elegant event was the first-ever public reading of the soon-to-be-released My Fat Little Rule Book. The gorgeous penthouse suite with a spectacular rooftop terrace offered the perfect setting for this exclusive event.

The premise behind the book is how a fashionista finally reconciled with being a foodie, and how she managed to lose the “evil and obstinate last ten pounds.” Jacquie is equally crazy about both food and fashion, and, as many women can attest, these two passions usually cannot peacefully coexist.

My Fat Little Rule Book will be Jacquie’s first published work, and will be available as an ebook in early April, with a hard copy to follow shortly thereafter.

To commemorate the pre-launch event, Jacquie is giving away a limited number of copies of My Fat Little Rule Book. For more information, or for updates on release dates, please visit www.jacquiesomerville.com.