Is this the new Sears building?

Dec 19 2017, 6:02 am

Update: According to several sources this is an official rendering of the new Sears building. It will also have an entrance to the City Centre Skytrain station at the corner of Robson and Howe.

Until 100% confirmed this rendering is the best guess as to what the current Sears dirty marshmallow building will look like. The Sears building will be reclad with glass, an office portion will be part of the new building, Nordstrom is 99.99% going into the old Sears building and the bottom floor of Sears will open up to mores stores as part of the Pacific Centre Mall expansion.

Personally I like the render we came up with earlier this year (I am fully aware of my lack of photoshop skills). It’s more in line with Granville Street and the entertainment district and has large advertising banners and a rolling news ticker up top. This being Vancouver, the city tends to go for the safe and bland so the final product could very well end up looking like this. That being said the Granville side may offer a bit more to fit in with the entertainment district.

Image via Phesto

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