Is The Davis Cup Coming To Vancouver?

Update: The rumours are true. The Davis Cup is coming back to Vancouver!

Rumors are rolling out through the tennis world that our fair city will be hosting a “Davis Cup: World Group” match between Canada and France. A press conference has been called by Tennis Canada for Tuesday.

The Davis Cup is an international team based tennis tournament that pits the world top teams head to head in an elimination style tournament for world supremacy. The group of the top 16 countries in the world gives tennis fans from around the world a glimpse at some of the world’s top talents as they play for their country not for themselves. It has been a few years since Canada has made it this far in the tournament and the last time we made it this far was back in 2004.

The world stage has not been to kind to Canada either as we have an embarrassing record of 0-3 in World Group play. The match against France is a best of five series and is set to be played February 10th to 12th.

With the rise of Canadian Milos Raonic (currently ranked  31st in the world) on the international stage will this be the year that Canada wins at this elite lever? Considering the France team has 4 players in the world Top 15 rankings it is going to be an uphill battle.

We will have more on this story after the Tennis Canada press conference tomorrow.