Irresponsible animal breeders targeted by Christy Clark

Dec 19 2017, 8:18 pm

Christy Clark announced today that the province and the BC SPCA are taking aim at irresponsible cat and dog breeders with newly sanctioned guidelines.


The B.C. government will adopt guidelines written out by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Codes of Practice as a new regulation for cat and dog breeders in the province.

The Codes of Practice will outline proper guidelines for housing, ventilation, food and water, care and supervision, record-keeping, behavioural needs, and socialization and transportation. Above all else, they call for daily sanitizing and cleaning of animal pens and getting immediate medical help for injured cats and dogs.

“Animal cruelty is unacceptable. Today we’re taking another step towards stopping those cat and dog breeders who don’t provide adequate care. Together with the BC SPCA and key stakeholders, we will develop a system that supports responsible pet breeders in B.C., and targets the ones that aren’t,” Clark said in a statement.


The government is consulting with the BC SPCA to come up with new laws that take aim at irresponsible breeders. Some ideas they have include:

  • Monitoring breeders
  • Requiring licensing or registration as a breeder
  • Finding sources to enhance the BC SPCA’s ability to enforce laws

The new laws come in the wake of two recent animal seizures from a Langley puppy mill and a Surrey breeder. A total of 148 animals in ill health were seized from both operations, and two animals – an adult cat and a kitten – had to be euthanized from the Surrey operation as a result of the squalid living conditions.