Introducing Vancity Buzz: "Review It!"

Dec 19 2017, 5:53 am

Whether it’s a new movie, television show, restaurant or whatever- people enjoy reviews.

The psychologist and author Oliver James says it best. To understand people, we must look to what’s called “social-comparison theory”. He says we have “a natural tendency to compare ourselves with other people in order to learn how to perform better and improve our self-esteem”. We can compare both upwards and downwards, but “comparing upwards is dangerous because it can make you feel inadequate”. If, however, you compare down, that can have positive outcomes. “We want to hear about bad things happening to other people,” James says, “because it makes us feel better about ourselves.”

I like this theory, because it suggests I am performing a greater service for the readers than just telling them where not to eat, or what not to watch. I am literally brightening their day. So on this note, let us get started.

The Rules of a Good Review;
1. A dishonest review is a bad review; I will tell it like it is.
2. Not everything is good. If whatever you want me to review is bad, it’s dishonest not to say so.
3. Its not just good things that deserve reviews, if something is already bad, let’s give it another shot.
4 Things can be bad for a number of reasons. Especially if I don’t like it.
5. Reviews are not written for the business, producer, author or whomever, to promote their product. It’s for the people, by the people.
6. Whether or not a reviewer enjoyed the Movie, TV show, Restaurant etc., is completely meaningless, since enjoyment is unrelated to the quality and is entirely subjective.
7 A review does not have to meet the expectations of people who are already enjoying whatever it is I will be reviewing.
8. A review is based on a critical thinking, but is subject to opinion.
9 If you come across a negative review of something you thought was good, but you did not watch, listen, read, use, etc., “whatever” in question. Then you are not qualified to comment on the review’s findings.
10. Don’t be offended by the review, in the end, it’s up to you, the individual to decide on their own.

Why Reviews from Felix K?
Why not reviews from Felix K? If you follow me on twitter you would already know why I am qualified for this. If you don’t believe me, think of this- someone obviously believes I am qualified or this article wouldn’t be published.

Why ask for a review?
Asking for something to be reviewed helps your peers make solid decisions. It’s also fun. Maybe you really hate a place, but your friend likes it and you need someone to win an argument, ask for a review. Maybe you are not sure if you should see A-Movie, or watch Z-Television show and want to know if it’s good- just ask.
Whatever the case may be, if you are trying to get exposure for your business, product, website, TV show, movie or whatever- getting it reviewed is a great way. Good or bad, reviews build publicity!

Have something you want reviewed?
Email [email protected] with “Review It!” in the subject line or Follow Felix on Twitter @TheFelixKay and just ask!