Introducing fruitwater: The low-cal sparkling beverage with flavours unique to Canada

Mar 15 2018, 8:02 pm

Canadians are used to feeling overlooked at times. There are few things, from movies and shows, to clothes and food, that we get to enjoy before our neighbours to the south. (It’s probably why we’re so defensive over poutine, to be honest.)

So it’s always a special occasion when we have something new and shiny to call our own. And now we do; in three different flavours, no less.

Glaceau (the makers of vitaminwater) has released a brand new sparkling beverage that could change your drinking habits, forever – fruitwater. It’s got the perfect mix of bubbles, flavour, and low-cal sweetness that you crave more often than you’d like to admit.

And because Canadian tastes are different (better?) than American ones, fruitwater has three unique flavours, for Canadians: Peach Mango, Pineapple Passionfruit, and Black Cherry Vanilla.

And while they may not pair perfectly with ketchup chips and beaver tails (what can, really?), they’ll do you one better: They’ll fill the sweet spot that’s been missing in your selection of sparkling beverages.

fruitwater/Image: Daily Hive

As you become more familiar with what your body needs, it becomes harder to find things that check all your boxes. You can consider those boxes checked with fruitwater; whether you’re counting calories, craving some (but not too many) bubbles, or want to indulge you sweet tooth in the smallest way possible, you’re covered here.

It’s been specifically developed for Canadians, based on our national taste preferences. (Meaning you literally can’t get it anywhere else in the world, even if you try.) And it keeps things real: It’s made with 5% real fruit juice and all-natural colours and flavours, while also being lightly sweetened with cane sugar and stevia.

fruitwater/Image: Daily Hive

So if you want to try something new and distinctly Canadian, you don’t have to wait: fruitwater is available on the shelves across Canada now in 500ml single bottles and 4 x 310ml sleek pack cans so you can grab some later today. You’re welcome!