An interview with comedian Orny Adams

Dec 19 2017, 4:55 pm

I don’t need to tell you that Orny Adams is an extremely funny individual. Just taking a look at some of the things he has accomplished over his career as a comedian will tell you.

Adams has worked with many comedic greats from Jerry Seinfeld to Steve Martin, has performed on numerous talk shows such as Leno and Letterman, and even has a couple one-hour specials on Comedy Central.

I had the pleasure of catching his comedy act at the Vogue last Friday night while Adams was in town for the “Just for Laughs Comedy Tour,” and let me tell you, watching Orny Adams perform a portion of his “Get in the Hole” comedy routine on stage is like watching a mad scientist. You know he is planning something, and though it might look crazy while he is doing it, the final product is pure genius.

[youtube id=”1PRFev4EDWM”]

His comedy reminds me of the good old days, when comics would rant and rave about what everyone is thinking, but too afraid to say. It was energetic, truthful and probably one of the best comedy routines I have seen in a long time.

When he’s not making people laugh on stage, he’s making people laugh on television with his rendition of Coach Bobby Finstock on MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” Although he is awesome on the show, Adams really deserves his own television series.

I had the chance to chat with the comedic dynamo to talk about his role on “Teen Wolf” and more.

You play the hilarious Coach Bobby Finstock on MTV’s “Teen Wolf”, for those who have yet to catch the show, tell us about your character.

Well, he’s crazy. Or is he the voice of reason on the show? We just don’t know. But as of right now, Coach is the only person on the show that still has NO idea what is going on with his students. He exists in his own world. And I like it like that!

You must be hilarious to work with, what is the dynamic like on the “Teen Wolf” set?  

Ah thanks. I do like to keep it fun on the set. Sometimes I get scolded. It’s fun, like being in school again. It’s part acting, part entertaining the cast and crew. It also helps to keep my energy and focus up. We do laugh a lot on the set. Mostly I’m just trying to get the extras to follow me on twitter and vine. Now I could’ve been more sensitive and said “background actors” but that wouldn’t sound as funny.

Talking about your career as a comedian, at what age did you realize that becoming a stand-up comedian was for you?

From a young age I was always entertaining. But never the class clown. I flew a bit under the radar. Until my 9th grade Spanish teach discovered I secretly setting my alarm and waking up at 11:30 p.m. to watch Johnny Carson and David Letterman. I would memorize their monologues and then recite them the next day before class. Miss Shaller insisted I do the jokes in front of the entire class… in English thank god. I think she was bored of teaching and wanted to kill time. That’s probably more the truth now that I reflect on it. I did at the time and until this moment thought she was being supportive. Kidding. Or am I?

You have great success as a comic, working with the like of Jerry Seinfeld amongst many others. Even having one-hour specials on Comedy Central. Tell us more about that.

Amongst others… I got to work with Steve Martin. That was insane. Only because he was a childhood hero and he seldom does live comedy shows anymore. If ever. But being a stand up… It’s what I am. I’m a comedian. I’ve learned that by failing at almost everything else. It’s the only thing I consider myself good at. And when I’m on stage it’s the happiest moments in my life. I love the freedom. I love to see people laugh.

How did your online podcast “My Crappy Week” come about?

The name really defines my life. Everything goes wrong. I am constantly engrossed in drama. Just when things seem to be going well… life shoves you back in the hole. Nothing is easy. It takes me 10 minutes to pick the right basket of blueberries. Other people just swoop in and grab. I am so envious of those people. I once followed a woman in the supermarket and secretly inspected her blueberries to see if her method worked better than mine. It did. She had better blueberries. So I swapped mine for hers. There are no limits to getting the best fruit in my world. And I love to talk about this stuff. And people love to hear about my crappy days. In fact, most of my friends don’t even like when I’m happy. And so a podcast was born.

Any upcoming projects we should be on the look-out for?

I wish! I’d like to write a book and put out a new comedy special soon. That would make me happy. I feel like I’ve been doing all the talking… what’s new with you Felix?

If you want a good laugh visit his website and check out his online podcast “My Crappy Week.” And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter at @ornyadams and Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming tours and events.

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