Interview: Red Bull Thre3style World Champ Hedspin

Dec 19 2017, 1:43 pm

Those of you who are familiar with either the Red Bull Thre3style competition, or good club music in Vancouver, then you know about Vancouver’s DJ Hedspin. Last year, Hedspin used the “home field advantage” to win the Red Bull World Championships here in our fair city. As you can expect, ever since being awarded the title in the Commodore, Hedspin has been touring all over the world with Red Bull.
“To be honest, I find the shows now (that I am the World Champ) to be a bit more stressful. When I was in the prelims and the finals, I was more relaxed. I was just out there having fun. Now I’m playing these shows for Red Bull and the crowds are much bigger.” said Hedspin. I was wondering if his set has changed much since he won – “I kept changing my set a bit here and there through the tournament last year. Like, each round I would be taking stuff out that didn’t work, putting in new tracks. It got to the point where the set I played at the Commodore was a hybrid of each set I played up to that point.” Any people on here who were at The Commodore last year to see the finals knows that Hedspin’s “hybrid set” was on for the ages.

In addition to getting top billing on Red Bull events all over the world, Hedspin is now settling nicely into his role as judge for this year’s Thre3style tournament.  “It’s nice to be in this spot. I still prepare the same for shows where I’m headlining or judging as I did for my sets three years ago in Vancouver.” So whether he is holding it down at his old haunts in Vancouver, or touring the world with Red Bull, Hedspin is deserving of his title of the “BEST PARTY ROCKER IN THE WORLD.” You can see for yourself tonight at Fortune Sound Club when he plays a duo set with his fellow Eh Team DJ! DJ Pump.

Listen to Hedspin’s set from last year’s World Final here: World Finals Mix – Hedspin

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