Interview: Kim of Matt and Kim

The indie duo of Matt & Kim were in Vancouver the other night to play a show at The Commodore Ballroom. Before they came to town, I was lucky enough to score an interview of sorts with the band.

Well, initially it was going to be a phone interview with Matt. But due to his medically ordered “vocal rest” it was turned into more of a written Q&A. Then, the questions got given to Kim to answer. After all the delays, changes and so on, here is the unedited Q&A with Kim.


A new album. A new tour. What else is new with you?

Ha!  Isn’t that enough.  It is all I can wrap my head around.  We really don’t do anything else but this band so that is all that is new.

You have been under strict vocal rest recently, what have you been doing to communicate? Flash cards? Sign language?

Matt was using his note pad in his iPhone to talk with everyone.  I felt so bad because I kept forgetting and asking him stupid questions like when we were watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” I would say things like “What did she say?”  “Who is that?”  Etc.  He ended up leaving the room.

What is one of the weirdest remedies for your vocal chords you’ve heard?

 Man I was going to get weird on this question but I’ll save that for later in the interview.  I guess the weirdest thing I heard was someone suggested gargling hydrogen peroxide.  I swear the bottle had cross bones on it.

You have a very high energy live show. Have you ever suffered any injuries while performing?

Oh man we get hurt a lot!  I am having trouble typing right now because I think I cracked my left hand during the show last night.  My pinky and ring finger feel like I hit someone in the face.  Matt has lost his voice on this tour because he pushed it too hard.  Oh and he threw his shoulder out during the first song last night.  We give it all we’ve got when we get on that stage and I’d say 30% of the time that means we are going to hurt ourselves in some way!

All of your music videos have been very original, and entertaining. I have to ask, where do some of these whacky ideas come from? Is it you two or do you have a collaborator you work with?

Most of the ideas are Matt’s.  This last video we did for “Let’s Go” came from the mind of the director Dugan O’Neal.

Still on the topic of music videos; what is your all-time favourite music video?

Mine is Cameras.  I’ve always wanted to be in a movie where I am kicking ass. I am really hoping to do something like that again. If not I would really like to be in an ass kicking superhero movie.

Since you are currently on tour, and you have been on several in the past, what are some of the things you’ve learned on the road? Whether it is things about planning a tour, or each other?

Always bring flip flops.  You shower at a lot of these venues and while the showers are clean I just think of all the other bands and crew guys who have been there before you.  See unlike Matt and I they leave their significant others at home. And it gets lonely on tour if you know what I mean!   I don’t believe in the urban legend that that “stuff” is good for your skin!

Like with most tours, you go to the same city each time, on that note; Are there any venues, restaurants, bars, etc. that you frequent when you are on the road? (This is for a Vancouver based website, so if there is a Vancouver spot that would be nice)

We haven’t been to Vancouver enough to know the spots to go to.  Actually if anyone reading this wants to holler at us on Facebook and twitter to let us know of a good spot to eat and get coffee that will save us a lot of time.  There are a lot of venues that are super nice and comfortable.  Tonight we are in Oakland at The Fox Theater.  This spot is amazing!  Funny thing is everything is in the venue so I haven’t stepped outside yet!

Last time you were in Vancouver you held a listening party for the album Sidewalks. You had the chance to chat with fans and so on, is there a chance you will find some time to meet with fans here in Vancouver again this time around?

It all depends on how nice border crossing will be!  Our tour manager is Canadian so the last border crossing was a breeze!  We put his passport on top!

This is a series of questions from some of your fans via Reddit, Twitter and Facebook:

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

Oh horse size ducks obviously.  Ducks are mean and then making them the size of a horse well that is just asking for it.

Who’s your favorite person you’ve ever met? (Or most famous, whatever)?

In the past year my favorite people we met are the Blink guys!  We did a tour with them about 8 months ago and they are the sweetest funniest dudes!!

If you could perform anywhere in the world, with anyone, who would it be?

Barclay arena with Jay Z and Beyoncé.  That was an easy question!

Where did the album name ‘Lightning’ come from?

I don’t really know how we got to lightning.  I am going to say I came up with it and matt realized it was genius and said Kim you are the smartest girl I know and that is the best album title I’ve ever heard!

If had the money, would you perform at my house?

That depends what your house is like.  Do you have a dog?  We’ll there be the most amazing food there?  Is there a pool (that is a trick question cause I can’t swim!)

Favorite song at the moment?

Meek Mill – Amen

What do you guys like to do when you aren’t touring or recording?

I honestly don’t remember.  If we aren’t touring or prepping to tour we are recording. This is very serious.

Do you guys Reddit/know what Reddit is? If yes would you do an AMA?

I just found out about Reddit last night!  Someone had to explain what AMA was to me but I think it is a great idea and would like to do it.

Who designs the Album Artwork and why are there always buildings on them?

 I design all our album covers.  There are building on there cause that is what I do!

Where is your favorite place to perform?

Anywhere there is a raging party in front of us!

One final question. What was the last live show you went to see?

We went to see Jay Z perform at the Barclay center the day before this tour started!