Interview with country star Aaron Pritchett after his show in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 1:48 pm

Award-winning country music star Aaron Pritchett wants you to hold his beer.

Growing up fishing and camping in the small-town of Terrace in Northern BC, Aaron’s life dawned the first signs of a country song early on. Years later, he now boasts numerous top hits, music videos, tours with Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and Brooks & Dunn.

From humble beginnings to a high-octane life and plenty to write about, some of Aaron’s first thoughts when he wakes up in the morning are, “get your lazy ass out of bed and go for a run!” Also, that he’s lucky to wake up next to the most beautiful girl in the world of course.

That could be a hit song right there.

Aaron has earned many awards over his career, including a CCMA for Independent Male Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year in 2007 for the anthem, “Hold My Beer.” You know the one…

I’ve been watching you
watchin every girl in the bar
Payin no attention to the one on your arm
You’re a dog
Man, she’s smokin
I’ve seen your kind before
and you think you’re so cool
This country boy’s gonna take you to school
Hold out your hand
no man, I ain’t jokin’

“I had no idea if people would like it [Hold My Beer] when we released it,” says Aaron. “It was a huge shock when I finished my set at Dauphin’s Countryfest in Manitoba and the crowd of more than 18,000 was chanting “HOLD MY BEER! HOLD MY BEER”!

It was such an amazing feeling and it still happens today. My fans LOVE to hear that song live and it’s so much fun to play it to them. I definitely think that song took my live show to the next level.”

Speaking of, Aaron is known to have one of the most high energy and dynamic live shows in the business and continues to blow audiences away all across the country.

And hold my beer
While I kiss you’re girlfriend
cause she needs a real man
and not a boy like you-ou

“I recently opened for the one and only Tim McGraw and that was definitely a career highlight,” says Aason. “I’ve shared stages with a lot of really big names before but I am a real big fan of Tim McGraw so that made it really special. He came over to my trailer to meet me; he’s a great guy.”

hold my beer
yeah I”m a man on a mission
you don’t see what you’re missin
but I do, so here
hold my beer

Now Aaron’s son Jordan is getting his boots dirty in the country scene, and of course, this calls for some fatherly advice.

“It feels pretty awesome that my kid wants to do something that I do, it means a lot to me. His talent is insane and I know that he is going to take it to the top. It’s going to be so much fun to watch him grow in this industry, I’m just so proud of him. My advice to him is just to follow his gut instincts, never let anything go to his head, make time for his fans and ALWAYS LISTEN TO HIS DAD!”

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