Canada is one of the best countries in the world for international students

Feb 11 2021, 10:54 am

A new ranking has listed the world’s best countries for international students, and Canada made the top five.

According to the CEOWORLD, the United States has been recognized as the best country in the world for international students. Australia and the United Kingdom placed second and third, respectively.

Canada placed fourth, wedged in between the United Kingdom and France.

The list ranked countries based on 11 “equally weighted indicators,” says CEOWORLD, compiling the list based on the education system, access to higher-quality teaching, number of research institutions, university funding and endowment, specialization expertise, industrial linkage, institutional output by research, higher education institutions, government expenditure on education total, student visa, and post-study work visa credentials.

CEOWORLD says the annual global survey is a tool that can be used for university students, industrialists, academic educational professionals, university professors, global business executives, and education policy experts.

“Studying abroad renders you something more than just an educational qualification,” says the publication. “It provides you an extra edge over others with that country’s culture, international language proficiency, better career opportunities, varied activities, and interests.”

All countries were graded on the “weighted indicators” and given an overall score out of 100.

Here’s how the top 25 places in the world stack up in regards to the best countries for international students:

Rank Country Region Score
1 United States North America 71.78
2 Australia East Asia & Pacific 68.04
3 United Kingdom Europe & Central Asia 67.16
4 Canada North America 66.39
5 France Europe & Central Asia 66.06
6 Germany Europe & Central Asia 65.27
7 Switzerland Europe & Central Asia 64.14
8 Japan East Asia & Pacific 63.2
9 Russia Europe & Central Asia  61.3
10 China East Asia & Pacific 60.97
11 Netherlands Europe & Central Asia 60.66
12 New Zealand East Asia & Pacific 60.25
13 Poland Europe & Central Asia 59.85
14 United Arab Emirates Middle East & North Africa 59.65
15 Sweden Europe & Central Asia 58.8
16 Finland Europe & Central Asia 58.59
17 Norway Europe & Central Asia 58.37
18 Hungary Europe & Central Asia 58.1
19 Austria Europe & Central Asia 57.96
20 Italy Europe & Central Asia 57.3
21 Portugal Europe & Central Asia 57.12
22 Ireland Europe & Central Asia 56.55
23 Spain Europe & Central Asia 56.49
24 Brazil Latin America & Caribbean 55.97
25 Turkey Europe & Central Asia 55.55

The survey was conducted between December 12, 2020, and January 20, 2021, gathering over 185,200 replies.