8 interesting career paths that are all but guaranteed to land you a job

Feb 1 2022, 7:57 pm

To say that the past two years have highlighted our need for healthcare workers would be a colossal understatement. 

In this time, many have slowed down, reassessed, and reevaluated their paths — especially in terms of career. Thoughts of trying something new, stepping into a foreign field, or just wanting to make a larger contribution to society have been more tempting than ever. 

Many well-paying and fulfilling jobs in the healthcare industry go unnoticed, lacking leading roles in medical dramas that serve as an outsider’s reference for all things hospital work-like. And better yet, the healthcare industry is hiring in BC.

So to shine some much-needed light on these under-the-radar careers in the healthcare field, we’ve rounded up eight awesome gigs that you can get through various Health Sciences programs, so you can start saving lives (cool, right?).

#1: Electroneurophysiology technologist (ENPY)

What at first may look like it’s out of a science fiction movie is what ENPY technologists do every day — attach electrodes to patients’ heads in order to understand the body’s electrical signals. 

As the symptoms of nervous system disorders may not always be obvious, the central and peripheral nervous symptoms are some of the hardest to diagnose.

This niche role will have you working in diagnostic neurophysiology at major hospitals and clinics — in Canada or across the globe. And once you have work experience in the field, you can seek out supervisory or management roles.

The only ENPY program in BC is offered by BCIT, which features small class sizes and clinical experience — and often students even get hired before graduation

#2: Biomedical engineering technologist

In your prospective role as a biomedical engineering technologist, you’re keeping the machines that save lives operating at their best — whether your specialty is in their design, research and development, sales and marketing, technical support, or product innovation. This role’s flexibility allows you to focus on what suits your strengths and offers opportunities for career advancement — sounds pretty sweet to us.

The Biomedical Engineering diploma program at BCIT is dynamic and focuses on hospital contexts as well as the medical device industry at large. This course of study includes a practicum, applied learning and research, and design projects — making it stand out from other programs within BC and Canada. 

#3: Nuclear medicine technologist

Here’s your chance to be a real-life Nancy Drew for the human body. Nuclear medicine technologists use fancy, high-tech equipment to produce images that detect subtle changes in the human body’s function — spotting early signs of a wide range of disorders. 

As a specialist in nuclear medicine, you would combine non-invasive biological tracers with radioactive material to create explicitly detailed images of the body. BCIT representatives say that it’s a lot like “taking x-rays from the inside out.” Also working hands-on with patients, this role combines science with people skills, giving you a blend of both worlds.

The BCIT program prepares you for the challenging, hands-on, and rewarding work of nuclear medicine through in-hospital, clinical experience. It also has an employment rate of 100% (we love to see it).

#4: Clinical genetics technologist

Do you like new technology? Well, genetic testing technologies continue to expand and revolutionize healthcare through improved patient diagnosis and treatment.

Complex problems posed by genetic diseases range from developmental delay to cancer. In the extremely rewarding role of a clinical genetics technologist, you would search for answers to disease indications for diagnosis, as well as disease management and treatment.

Only two schools in Canada specifically prepare you for a career in clinical genetics, and BCIT is one of them.

#5: Occupational health officer

This career path offers a way to care for others outside of the traditional hospital setting. Health and safety officers are in demand in various industries, such as healthcare, engineering, and mining. So if you’re a natural leader and enjoy working with people and teams, this might be the role for you to put your skills to use.

Occupational health and safety can also lead your career into further rewarding industries. In the later stages of an occupational health officer career, many BCIT graduates end up in advanced leadership, human resources, and MBA programs.

#6: Food technologist

If you’re interested in working in healthcare, it’s no doubt you care about people — and if you care about food, too, this might be the perfect fit for you.

Food technologists are like hardcore foodies with credentials. They create new food products and look for new food sources — while determining the nutrition facts (fat, sugar, vitamin and mineral content) of products. In the role, you’ll be constantly searching for new ways to improve all things food — from product testing to preservation, packaging, and manufacturing.

The two-year diploma program at BCIT is a hands-on program that prepares you for the real-world industry — from which most graduates have a job within two months of completion.

#7: Radiation therapist

This rewarding career path lets you care for people during their battle with cancer.

Using high-end computer software and equipment while interacting directly with patients, radiation therapy jobs are a balance between technical and people skills. While you can work all over the world, you could also work at a BC Cancer Agency radiation therapy department.

#8: Environmental health officer (EHO)

Last but not least, we have the crucial role of the environmental health officer (EHO); also known as public health inspector (PHI). Every day is a new day in this career, as you’ll be inspecting water systems, restaurants, sewage systems, pools and spas, and even tobacco sales. Ultimately, your priority is keeping the community around you safe and clean for all.

As an EHO (or PHI), you can also venture into specialist positions within the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) — all positions that a Bachelor of Technology, Major in Environmental Health will prepare you for.

It’s a good time to get into healthcare as the industry is hiring across the province. To learn more about healthcare careers or sign up for an information session, visit BCIT’s website.

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