Growing On Main Street

Looking past the fact that Vancouver has recently been named the most expensive city in North America, second to Los Angeles for the most traffic congested, and crowned the loneliest place to live and full of men who suck, overall Vancouver is amazing. This city carries so many beautiful features that all add to the essence, vibe, and incomparable character.

One of the most unique qualities of Vancouver is that each part of the city is so different. Kitsilano has its yogis and the beach, Downtown has the well-dressed business attire and fast walkers, the West End has its Divas and colour, and Commercial Drive has its coffee and hipsters. Yet the one area of the city that may be slightly underrated with all of those unique qualities combined is Mount Pleasant.

Experiencing Mount Pleasant last week during the Halloween Decorating Contest and looking at all the participating businesses in the neighborhood, it was warmly surprising to see how dynamic and exciting Main Street really is. In the midst of all this dynamic and exciting, it was easy to feel the true sense of community and strong relationships within the area. The youth program at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre spent three weeks creating a Haunted House for the contest, and the value and team effort of the kids were shown through their smiling faces.


Many other business along Mount Pleasant played around in the contest to show their creativity and passion to stay involved in the community. Even though it may be as simple as a Halloween Decorating contest, it was enough to feel the welcoming atmosphere which shows what Mount Pleasant is truly all about.


Brewery Creek had flying ghosts and JJ Bean made pumpkins out of milk jugs

Joe’s Grill served their best and eight ½ restaurant lounge got jiggy with it

Why wouldn’t you go hang out on Mount Pleasant? You are able to find all of what Vancouver offers (yoga, fast walkers, color, divas, coffee, and hipsters) all within a 25-30 block radius. And within 1-2 blocks, you can pick up a coffee, buy a pack of cigarettes, pick up dinner from one of the grocers, stop into a restaurant and take a quick shot, pick up a bottle of wine, and sign up for 3 months of yoga.

There are many events coming up on Main Street that you can be a part of with the Mount Pleasant BIA (Business Improvement Area):

  • Wreath decorating contest for MPBIA members only
  • O Christmas Tree – Friday, December 7, 2012 on the corner of Kingsway and Broadway
  • Tree Chipping for Charity – Sunday, January 6, 2013 at Kingsgate Mall

See you on Main Street!