Insane crow encounter in Vancouver caught on video

Dec 20 2017, 1:37 am

When the crows attack, who you gonna call? Well, definitely not the man who was spotted petting the same crow moments ago.

On Friday, Steven Huynh told Vancity Buzz he was riding his bike through the intersection of Cassiar and East Pender streets in Vancouver when he saw a man strangely petting a crow. Without any provocation, the bird began attacking him.

“I stopped to watch and that’s when it came to me,” said Huynh. “At first it was terrifying!”


Video uploaded onto YouTube documents the crow making a number of advances on Huynh. When the crow attacked him the second time and landed on his back, he pulled out his phone and began recording video footage of the surreal encounter.

Upon landing on the black backpack strapped onto his back, the crow climbed towards his head and pecked at the hand that was protecting his head.

The crow was seemingly interested in Huynh’s backpack, particularly with a small brightly orange coloured band that was attached to the upper strap. Huynh says there was only a bike lock inside the bag – there was no food.

Separated from his bike and backpack, it became a struggle for Huynh to leave the area. The man who was seen petting the crow earlier did not provide any help and watched from the sidewalk. Video also shows the man doing squat-like exercises as the attacks proceeded.


Adult crows can be extremely defensive at this time of year when they are protecting their younglings still in the nest, although the aggressive nesting season typically ends in late-August. This particular crow had a red band attached to its left leg, which could be indicative that it has been tagged before.

The Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. receives approximately 200 phone calls per day by people who have been chased or attacked by crows.

Warning: foul language is used in this video.
[youtube id=”Lbr6YgQ-r-E”]

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