Innovative virtual healthcare app offers peace of mind at your fingertips

Nov 18 2021, 8:47 pm

Amid the strife of the past two years — the pandemic-induced stretches of isolation, the near-collapse of multiple industries, and the anxieties surrounding the future — young adults have faced some pretty tough mental health challenges.

Students, in particular, have been deprived of so many formative college and university experiences, impacted by restrictions on their social lives and disadvantaged with limited access to healthcare. Existing challenges like not having a family doctor or being able to book an appointment quickly have only amplified their hardships.

But an innovative app is looking to bridge this gap. TELUS Health MyCare, the largest public virtual care provider in Canada, is tackling the rise in mental health concerns — and other health-related needs — among Canadians by making virtual appointments with Canadian-licensed mental health counsellors and other health professionals convenient and easy.

“With TELUS Health MyCare, students can access multiple health resources in one place without having to leave their campus or home, from booking a consultation with a licensed physician in their language of choice to assessing their overall health with the Healthcheck digital tool and scheduling an appointment with a mental health counsellor,” said Chris Engst, managing director, TELUS Consumer Health.

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Engst noted that “timely and discrete virtual healthcare” goes a long way in supporting students’ health and wellness, so they can spend more time focusing on their studies.

In the name of prioritizing self-care, especially as school intensifies and midterms occur, the TELUS Health MyCare app strives to help people become more proactive about their physical and mental health.

With its assortment of virtual care services and resources, TELUS Health MyCare is free to download from your phone’s app store, with consultations available for those who live in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Ontario.

Whatever mental health-related obstacles you’re dealing with, the TELUS Health MyCare app has a wide variety of certified clinical counsellors who are ready to provide you with accessible, non-judgmental, and confidential virtual counselling appointments. 

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Counselling services are provided by registered counsellors who are friendly and there to listen, and while there are costs associated with each session, fees are typically covered by most private and school insurance plans. Users who complete a consultation before December 31 can also benefit from a free one-year subscription to the Calm app, the number one app for sleep and meditation, courtesy of TELUS Health. 

“There are endless reasons to speak with a counsellor. Our friendly, professional counsellors help people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, stress, substance use, and eating disorders, just to name a few. Sometimes it just helps having someone objective to talk to. And since counselling and sharing personal experiences is so deeply personal, being able to access a counsellor in a private, comfortable setting makes all the difference,” said Engst. 

TELUS Health MyCare is all about proactive and holistic healthcare, including physical health. Powered by artificial intelligence, the app’s Symptom Checker is a go-to resource when worrying about symptoms that leave you feeling uncertain about your health. The tool asks questions about the symptoms you’re experiencing and suggests possible courses of action. 

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From UTIs to STIs, the app is there to help you deal with a range of common health issues — including contraception, prescriptions, and just about everything in between.

In the event the suggested course of action involves seeking medical attention, you can use the app to book a virtual appointment with a locally licensed physician at no cost. Should the physician prescribe medication, you can choose to have the prescription delivered right to your door free of charge or request it be ready for pick up at your nearest pharmacy, making the entire process that much more convenient and seamless. 

Staying on top of classes, a social calendar, and other responsibilities can be challenging enough, so making health and wellness a priority shouldn’t be. 

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