These are the jobs Canadians searched for the most in 2017

Nov 18 2017, 12:14 am

Canadians are looking for marijuana-related jobs, according to a recent report by

The global employment website released its most searched jobs in 2017, which included jobs in finance, tech, and —simply— “full time” given Canada’s low unemployment rate.

“While the reasons behind job search vary, a few terms stood out to us in 2017 as noteworthy for their significant spikes,”Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada, said in a release. “The most surprising spike was around marijuana-related terms, which grew 320% this year.”

As Canada moves towards legalization, Indeed saw a massive spike in the hunt for jobs in the up and coming industry. Searches for “medical marijuana” on Indeed grew 1,004%.

Searches for full time positions are also on the increase. In general, searches for full-time jobs grew 815%.

“The September and October Labour Force Surveys showed a two-month gain of 201,000 in full-time jobs- the largest on record. We found that searches including the term “full time” surged an average of 815% this year,” said Kasten. “Specifically, we saw that searches for the term ‘permanent full time’ alone surged 485%.”

Financial jobs are also sought after in Canada, as the search for jobs in the financial industry grew 721% this year.

“According to their employees, financial institutions are also great workplaces,” said Kasten. Earlier this year, Indeed released their inaugural Best Places to Work in Canada list and found that 8 out of the 25 companies featured were in the financial industry.

But not everyone wants that cushy office job. This year saw a 111% growth in searches for remote/work from home positions.

“Working from home has many perks: avoiding a long commute, saving money on gas and spending more time with your family, and we saw that Canadians are attracted to roles that let them work remotely,” said Kasten. “Most significantly, searches for “virtual accounting” grew 221% and searches for “remote developer” grew 66%.”

And of course, as Canada eyes Amazon HQ2 for many of its cities, searches for jobs in tech has seen a spike.

“Canada is solidifying its global status as a tech leader – and attracting a lot of attention for it. For example, Amazon announced plans for more hiring in Canada and Indeed saw searches for “Amazon Web Services” grow by 264% this year,” said Kasten.

Being a leader in Artificial Intelligence, Indeed Canada data also showed a 500% growth in AI jobs this year, while searches for the term ‘artificial intelligence’ grew by 262%,” said Kasten.

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