4 in-demand skilled trades careers to pursue in B.C.

Dec 19 2017, 8:09 pm

B.C.’s economy is growing and that means one thing: opportunity. Using online tools such as the Blueprint Builder can help you sort out which career is best for you based on how much education and training you need, what the job prospects are and if relocation is necessary. Plus, if you choose a career that’s eligible for the BC Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities you could be eligible for a $16,400 grant or discount on your student loans!

Still not sure? Here are four exciting jobs in the trades that are seeing major growth in B.C., meaning that there’s the perfect opportunity for you to find your fit.

Heavy mechanical trades

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Are you always working on your car or trying to figure out how complicated machines function? Heavy mechanical trades refer to people who work as mechanics with heavy-duty vehicles like bulldozers, cranes and paving equipment. More specifically, some jobs in the field include commercial transport mechanics, diesel engine technicians and heavy-duty equipment. Any industry that uses large machinery including mining, construction and oil and gas hire heavy mechanical tradespeople, leading to many opportunities for new mechanics.


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Being a plumber is a lot like solving a puzzle. You spend your days installing, repairing and maintaining pipes as well as welding and connecting pipes and designing plumbing systems. Plumbers can be employed to work on residential, commercial or industrial systems. Typically, they work on water distribution and wastewater disposal systems, but they may also work on irrigation and chemical systems, meaning options after pursuing this trade are diverse and you can find a role that fits your skills.

Industrial electrical

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It can be exciting to put together an elaborate system, flip the switch and instantly see the results of your hard work. Industrial electricians inspect, install and service electrical equipment in industrial settings. They may be hired to work in factories, mines, shipyards and other industrial facilities, often as part of the maintenance department. Industrial electricians may work with motors, pumps, communications systems and any other electrical controls, letting you put your logic to work.

Steamfitting and pipefitting

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If you’re a meticulous worker who enjoys working with your hands, this exciting trade may be the one for you. Those in this trade are typically employed by hospitals, gas plants, construction companies and oil refineries to monitor heating and cooling systems. Their job involves installing, altering and repairing systems and ensuring pipes and systems remain safe, meaning it can be high risk, but also high reward.

A career in the trades can be an exciting prospect and some students might even be eligible for the BC Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities. To learn more about in-demand trades and to find an opportunity right here in BC that helps you meet your goals, check out the Blueprint Builder.

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