Looking for a job? Check out these 4 in-demand B.C. careers

Dec 19 2017, 8:19 pm

Over the next decade, there will be almost one million job openings throughout British Columbia. With new jobs available in a variety of exciting industries and programs like the B.C. Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities providing funding for eligible students, a career upgrade has never been more possible.

Here are four of the many in-demand jobs in B.C. that you might want to consider pursuing.


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If you enjoy working with your hands and being outdoors, then you’re in luck. The province expects there to be 11,170 job openings for carpenters over the next nine years. Carpenters are tasked with constructing and maintaining residences and buildings. Better yet, there’s flexibility in their work environment as carpenters can work as part of a company or individually as a professional contractor. Because this occupation is so in-demand, it’s also eligible for the B.C. Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities.

Insurance adjusters

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WorkBC estimates that the Province will need an additional 1,900 insurance adjusters (sometimes called claims adjusters) by 2024. Adjusters investigate insurance claims to determine losses covered by insurance policies. They verify claims to determine a reasonable amount for a settlement with a policyholder through a process that involves interviewing claimants and witnesses, researching relevant documents and inspecting property.

Sheet metal workers

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Sheet metal workers are responsible for fabricating, assembling, installing and repairing sheet metal like ducts, pipes, gutters and cabinets. Most often, these employees work out of sheet metal fabrication shops where they spend their days constructing and altering products. For those who enjoy careful work and coming away with a finished product at the end of the day, this may be the occupation for you. This program is also eligible for the B.C. Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities.

Heavy-duty mechanics

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Heavy-duty mechanics (also called heavy duty equipment technicians) work with and maintain heavy-duty vehicles such as bulldozers, cranes, tractors and paving equipment. This can include testing repaired equipment, using computers to identify problems with the vehicles and writing service reports. This is also one of the many in-demand jobs eligible for the B.C. Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities, so keep that in mind when deciding whether this is a good fit for you.

If you plan on upgrading your career, get started with WorkBC’s Blueprint Builder. It could help you find your career fit.

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