Dog saved from meat trade needs BC home

Jun 16 2016, 2:59 am

Buster is a laid back dog, which is all the more remarkable given his past.

This dog’s destiny was to become someone’s dinner, as part of the illegal dog meat trade in Southeast Asia. He was plucked out of a transport truck headed to a slaughter facility from the group Soi Dog, which took him to their shelter – where he remained for months with another 1,200 survivors.

The Thai rescue organization rescues thousands of dogs from certain death, and tries their best to find them new loving homes, both domestically and overseas.

Buster is one of six lucky pups that was flown into YVR in April as part of a well-publicized partnership with the Vancouver-area rescue group L.E.A.S.H.

Buster at his new foster home in B.C. (L.E.A.S.H.)

Buster at his new foster home in B.C. (L.E.A.S.H.)

Since arriving here with the others – Cherish, Sylvester, Woodpecker, Dallas and Sasha – he has been learning his manners in a foster home. And thriving!

Cassi MacDonald of L.E.A.S.H. describes him as a “gentle guy” who “likes his space and independence.”

He’s currently living with another strong, independent-type home, and would likely do well in a home where there are other dogs.

“He’s happy going for walks and laying on his bed chewing his bone,” she tells Daily Hive.

leash dog

Image: L.E.A.S.H.

Buster is thought to be between six to eight years old, and is larger than he looks – he weighs around 30 to 35 pounds.

Besides the fact they feel he deserves a happy forever home, there’s also a more urgent reason for getting Buster adopted: it frees up L.E.A.S.H. to bring in more homeless dogs.  The group also works with partners in Manitoba and rural BC to save unwanted animals.

If you’re interested in adopting Buster, follow L.E.A.S.H. on Facebook for updates, and visit their website to submit an application.


Image: L.E.A.S.H.


Image: L.E.A.S.H.


Image: L.E.A.S.H.