IKEA shines a light on Canada as a land of beautiful possibilities

Sep 15 2017, 3:28 am

Canada’s known for being socially progressive.

So is IKEA.

And the global brand launched their new brand campaign in Canada this week.

While the Swedish furniture and home accessories giant are a favourite for helping Canadians make their homes look beautiful, their new ad shows IKEA dedicated to making the world a better place, and highlights their values, rather than just their home furnishings.

Take a look.

The ad certainly provides a hopeful look at the world and what we can make it.

“At IKEA Canada we’re aware that we live in a time when the world is filled with uncertainty, expectations and everyday pressures. Our role is to help enable Canadians to see what is possible—in their homes and in the world.” says Lauren MacDonald, country marketing manager at IKEA Canada.

This is not a new venture for IKEA but is at the core of what they value and strive for. They’ve already lead and supported a number of initiatives in Canada in the last few years. Here’s just a couple:

  • Earlier this year they purchased their second wind farm in Alberta. This step supports their business and moves IKEA closer to our global ambition to produce more renewable energy than IKEA consumers by 2020. The Canadian arm of the organization achieved energy independence five years ahead of the global goal.
  • They’ve also supported the Canadian government pledge to welcome 25,000 refugees from Syria. Since 2015, they donated over $190,000 of IKEA home furnishing products and are creating new ways to support and welcome refugees to Canada.

With the new ad being the first in their campaign around Beautiful Possibilities, we’re curious to see that they have planned in Canada this year to help Canadians build a better home for everyone.

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