iHateVan: Anonymous blogger thinks Vancouver is "pooh"

Dec 19 2017, 8:15 pm

Can an anonymous blogger’s anti-Vancouver posts bring about change in the city, or should this hater just move on?

Earlier this month, a new Tumblr site was launched. “Hi, I live in Vancouver and well, I hate it,” begins the anonymous blogger, who mapped out his intentions without mincing words:

This blog is about the many reasons why you should hate it too. Why is this important? Because to have change you need to know what needs to change.

When I publicly tell people their city is pooh people get really offended. But you see, hate doesn’t mean a lack of love. For example, I hate my parents. You probably hate them too. And you probably hate Van as well.

Like I said, let’s cut the crap:

So far, the writer has hated on cut off denim shorts (Vancouverites turn crap jeans crappier by cutting them off, and they look like partially-chewed pizza cheese) and not getting reciprocal BBQ and house party invites (and don’t even try to say it’s because he’s an asshole, because he is one, and that makes him desirable company).

Vancouverites can’t take a joke, overdo it with the vegetarianism at the expense of other people’s enjoyment of burgers, don’t know how to dress both in general and for dates.

When it comes to yoga, Vancouverites do it because we are self-absorbed about our mental well-being, and underneath all our vain pursuit of balance is masking our sadness and loneliness.

There is no masking the blogger’s stance that Vancouver is not a true multicultral city, and that white people cause riots, ruin the city’s natural beauty thanks to wealthy developments, suck at rapping, and have a preferred status over minorities.

Do you hate the hater, Vancouver? The blogger addresses this point blank by letting his readers know if we are offended, we probably feel stuck here. We also fail in our response; if we tell the hater to go back where he came from, we deny him his right to complain, and we choose to not give more effective replies. Ugh. We fail again, Vancouver.

So who is this guy, anyhow? Here’s what we can discern about the blogger’s identity, if they are being truthful, and if it perhaps has any significance to their chosen subject matter: They are male, straight, non-white, Buddhist, single, and possibly involved in politics. White privilege and racism seem to be key themes in his life. But is this the voice Vancouver needs?

Reaction online is mixed, from the “nailed it!” Tweets of approval to those calling it sad.





Maybe #ilovehatingvan will be the next big thing.

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