Igniting the Discovery Spark through Movember research funding

Dec 19 2017, 7:59 am

Prostate Cancer Canada is dedicated to supporting prostate cancer researchers on the verge of an early-stage research breakthrough with the Movember Discovery Grants program. This program allows both junior investigators at the start of their research career and more established investigators to pursue new important directions in prostate cancer research. Each recipient of the Movember Discovery Grant will receive up to $200,000 in funding over a two-year term.

This year, 40 grant recipients have been funded. Prostate Cancer Canada saw a 23% increase in the number of applications received, with a total funding envelope of close to $8 million in support of innovation. With the addition of the Movember Discovery Grant funds, Prostate Cancer Canada has more than quadrupled mission investment since last year.

List of Researchers: 


Vancouver: 5 Movember Discovery Grants – $1M total

Larry Goldenberg Vancouver University of British Columbia $200,000 Quality of life outcomes in LHRH treated prostate cancer patients treated with supplementary transdermal estradiol: a randomised phase II trial


Xuesen Dong Vancouver University of British Columbia $200,000 Investigation of the progesterone receptor in prostate cancer


Colin Collins Vancouver University of British Columbia and Vancouver Prostate Centre $200,000 Discovery and functionalization of RNA editing in prostate cancer
Pieter Cullis Vancouver University of British Columbia $200,000 Targeted lipid nanoparticles for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer


Artem Cherkasov Vancouver University of British Columbia and Vancouver Prostate Centre $200,000 Selective targeting of DNA-binding domain of androgen receptor – a novel approach to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer

“What is particularly remarkable about the grant recipients this year is the breadth of topics covered. For example, for the first time ever, research grants studying survivorship have been funded. This highlights the importance of improving quality of life for survivors,” says Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada.

This year also saw a more geographically varied pool of recipients, with funding flowing outside of established centres of prostate cancer research. The spread in the funding allocation indicates that talented investigators from across the country are choosing to specialize in prostate cancer research.

“It is the enthusiasm and dedication of Canadian Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that allows for the funding of vital research like the Movember Discovery Grants,” comments Pete Bombaci, National Director, Movember Canada. “It is one idea, one spark, that can help make a large scale impact on prostate cancer and we are honoured that Mo dollars raised from coast to coast are helping to make this happen.”

The Movember Discovery Grants epitomize innovation in prostate cancer research and focus on a broad range of topics, from basic biological science to population health. To keep up-to-date on research progress, visit us at prostatecancer.ca or follow us on social media.