How iFresco uses digital printing to help you transform your space on a budget

Apr 16 2018, 10:54 pm

If you’ve ever spent some time watching home renovation shows, then you’ve probably heard hosts rave about the transformative power of accent walls and frescoes. And you most likely shoved those sentiments to the back of your brain, because seriously – who has the time (or money) for something like that?

As it turns out: You do. The power to transform with images straight out of your wildest dreams is now only limited by your imagination, thanks to iFresco.

It’s a digitally printed luxury wall covering that you can have custom designed to suit your preferences. Whether you want to wake up looking at the Great Wall of China or make your office feel like the Amazon rainforest, it can be done.

iFresco has the ability to transform any drab wall and turn it into a work of art that makes a statement about the space you inhabit.

The best thing about iFresco is that coverings are all made from superior materials, including 60% cotton. And they’re affordable, making this the rare home design choice that’s both stylish and practical.

iFresco coverings are applied using a water-based adhesive with no VOCs and since they are completely removable, you can take them down whenever you want. You’ll never be trapped in a design choice you can’t change.

The grade A fire-rated coverings are also reusable so you can literally get one for every season, take them down when you’re done, and use them the following year. If you move house you can easily take them with you – and they won’t cause any damage to your walls.

iFresco lets you print any high-resolution image you want or the brand will create the image for you. If you want your wall to mirror a scene in Twilight, or have a lush waterfall in your bathroom, that’s absolutely doable. (We don’t judge.)

To find out more about the possibilities of digital printing in your home or office, visit iFresco now. Check out the brand on Facebook and Instagram to see even more game-changing digital artworks.

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