Hunter McLeod brings NYC style to Vancouver

Hunter McLeod is bringing a lot of NYC to Vancouver. Having cut and styled his way through the tresses of the rich and famous particularly in NYC, he’s relocated back to his original home of Vancouver this fall. We sat down with him in the chair to experience it first hand and in addition to the amazing cut (dare I say, the best of my life?) Hunter was filled with hair knowledge and tips.

For your chance to learn more about Hunter McLeod, read onto our Q&A with this hair guru.

What’s your hair philosophy?

Its simple: Make your client look and feel great. It doesn’t matter if they are old, young, a fashionista, or punk rocker- It’s our job as stylists to answer our clients every want and neednwith a modern & wearable style. The other philosophy is have is to educate your client on what their hair can do for them instead of how its working against them. Examples include: different styling, care and style options such as length, texture, shape and silhouette. Lastly, just have fun exploring your hair. It’s one feature you can play with that has major impact.

How long have you been cutting hair for?

I’ve been cutting hair for 18 years.

If there is one thing people can do to improve their hair style what would it be?

Learn some quick and easy style options. There are always cute styles you can incorporate that turn a bad hair day into a good one. Side chignons are a favorite of mine, and top knots are a high fashion, easy & bold look. If your overall hairstyle doesn’t work for you (for example, you’re very busy and it takes a long time to dry) it’s simply the wrong style for you. Either ask your stylist for a new style or get your stylist to teach you an easier way. If that doesn’t work- dont be afraid to try a new stylist.

Average day at work in NYC?

On an average day in New York, I would cut 12 to 14 clients a day, attend management meetings, teach and have fun.

Average day at work in Vancouver?

In Vancouver, I really have no idea yet. I’m still exploring and building relationships while cutting hair with my good friend of over 15 years, Michael Levine at space salon. I’m in the process of planning some education, and conceptualizing some shoots. The important thing is that you have to create your own culture wherever you are.

How frequently will you be traveling back to NYC?

Every 8 weeks. I need Manhattan in my life – the city is inspiring like no other. It’s constantly moving, and is a hub of the most creative places people & ideas.

The most famous locks you’ve cut belonged to?

The most inspiring people I’ve cut hair on are music legend Joe Jackson (he sports an incredible east London pompadour) and model Amiee Mullins. She doesn’t need much to match her beauty and strength- a simple cut with beautiful layers. It’s easy to make cool, creative people look great. Their personality shines through.

What brings you back to Vancouver?

The amazing landscapes that surround this beautiful city, the different cultures, and most importantly my family.

Where can we find you? (salon)

Vancouver, Space Salon (528 West Broadway at Cambie)

Ph: 604-681-1444 ask for Hunter McLeod

New York, Arrojo Studio (180 Varick Street at King Street)

What are your rates?

Vancouver: $98 for cut men and women

New York: $123 both men and women.

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