Vancouver man denied human rights complaint about women-only weight rooms

Jul 7 2016, 9:45 pm

A Vancouver man who claims his human rights are being violated by women’s only work-out times at a Downtown Eastside Gym has had his complaint dismissed by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

Craig Teneycke claims he was discriminated against based on his sex when he was denied access to the weight training room at the Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre in East Vancouver almost two years ago.

The City of Vancouver and the gym argue the weight room is reserved for women-only between 1pm and 3 pm on weekdays, to provide a safe place for vulnerable women to exercise.

Teneycke claims Ray-Cam is “feeding the stereotype that women are helpless and need protection.”

But the Tribunal member ruled “If men were permitted to exercise along with women, that would defeat the very purpose of providing a safe place, or a safe environment for women who feel vulnerable in such circumstances.”

He ruled the complaint has no reasonable prospect of succeeding and dismissed it.

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