How to Spend Quality Time with Someone

Dec 19 2017, 4:50 am

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day meant to be spent with your loved one(s), more specifically your “special someone”. Here are a few gentle reminders on how to do that.

What your lover, partner, and love of your life is really expecting today is not for you both to ‘hang out’, but rather, to make this day special by spending quality time together.

Spending quality time doesn’t mean sitting in the same room, chatting, but while distracted by the television either. You have to make the effort to really listen to your partner and make her the center of your attention. Show her you care by listening and engaging with her so she feels connected.

Maybe this means an elaborate special ‘to-do’ today, or maybe it means just taking time out and listening to how her week has been.

When you’re both engaged in the conversation, it’ll feel like a pick-me-up as the energy of the connection will breathe life into its own. It’s the feeling of “hey, my lover gets me!” that creates the strong bond between you both, which will be reflected in the way you speak and in your body language.

Matt Ha, relationship coach for Man Meets Woman and Happy Sexy You, cites three benefits to spending quality time with your loved one(s).

Your relationship will last longer – like everything else, relationships require maintenance. By maintaining your connection, you’ll feel a part of each other’s lives and be emotionally invested in what each other is doing. Otherwise you’re going to feel like you are in a relationship with a stranger.

You will be happier in your relationship – one great benefit from spending quality time together is sharing intimate details with your love, with your partner taking it in. It’ll feel like they really understand you. If they love you they (usually) will support you. This can be the best feeling in the world.

It’s a great model for the kids – if you have children (and even it you don’t, you’re modeling for your nieces, nephews and friend’s children), they will watch and learn from the things you mature adults do. If you want them to be friends and open with you while growing up, then set a good example.

So, plan to spend some quality time with your loved one today.

By Ronald Lee and Matt Ha

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