5 things you can do right now to create your dream art studio

Mar 19 2019, 8:12 pm

Written for Daily Hive by Lucila Diaz, owner of Harmony Sense Interiors and a designer featured on Casaza

Whether you find your zen or express your feelings through visual art, your studio should support your creativity. Here are five quick tips on creating a functional yet stylish art studio from the window to the wall, whether you’ve got a spacious room or a tight corner.

Consider your lightbulb moments

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Light can impact your mood and productivity, so when your workspace is shady, your art might be, too. If you’re in an enclosed space or a room with limited natural light, create your own task lighting. If you have floor space available, floor lamps can help shed some light on your workstation, while a desk lamp can create a spotlight to illuminate in smaller spaces.

Light will ensure you can see your full colour palette and you can focus on every little detail you may not have seen before, helping to perfect your craft. Make this small change and you’re guaranteed to have a bright future ahead of you!

Create a workstation that works hard for you

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Scratch the surface. No matter what kind of art you’re creating, a reliable workstation is key to the perfect art studio.

But consider the surfaces you’re getting. Paint-wielding artists should stay away from marble or other natural stone surfaces as they will stain, while artists using pens and other easy-to-clean art mediums can opt for wooden desks. Limited space? Nesting tables or side tables can be quickly moved and arranged based on how you need to use the room.

Take a seat

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Consider how you create your art: are you standing, sitting, or a mix of both? When creating a workstation, this will also be an important factor.

If you’re sitting, you’ll need a table or desk that allows you to pull up a chair or stool. If you’re sitting for a long time, you’ll want to feel supported in a plush seat, while movers and shakers who are frequently adjusting their workstations should choose an adjustable chair.

Pro tip: If you’re working with messy mediums and your materials might stain, use an outdoor chair. These are made to weather the elements, so they’re easier to clean.

Smart storage solutions

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No matter your medium, storage is your new best friend. Find multipurpose pieces where you can hide the clutter and maximize the space for your art.

Closets are always great to put your supplies. But if that’s not an option, there are other practical pieces you can use, like a wall-unit, which won’t take up floor space, or a serving cart with removable trays that you can take into your working space.

Draw inspiration from what’s around you

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Don’t forget about your walls! This is a place to play because wall art is so easily swappable, it doesn’t have to be an investment piece the way furniture and decor can be.

Make irrational choices, let your personality shine through, and have fun with it. Use this space to display inspirational items that you like, whether that’s inspirational artists or your own pieces. Use trinkets from your travels on shelves to bring you back to a memory from your favourite place, or hang art that will make you happy and inspired every time you look at it.