How to choose a mala

How to choose a mala — let it choose you.

Choosing a mala can be overwhelming. There are so many different styles, gemstones, and intentions to choose from.

There are colourful malas that represent the seven chakras (the energy points in the body), and ones that embody strength and clarity.

Malas that feature the pink rose quartz stone promote love, while the orange fire agate stone inspires concentration and creativity.

From the many people we’ve met, events we’ve attended, and conversations we’ve had, we always offer the same piece of advice: let the mala choose you.

Whatever you are first drawn to is the one that is for you.

Some are drawn to the energy of pieces (by hovering their hands over the malas), while others simply see a colour that catches their eye.

We’ve seen people pick up every turquoise piece on the table, and when we tell them the meaning, they understand why they were drawn to it.

We see it often — after telling someone the intention, we get a laugh, a cry, and most often, a long exhale of relief.

They know it’s the piece they ‘needed.’ The one that reflects them the most.

People choose their malas for different reasons. So ask yourself, what’s your intention with your mala?

Are you wanting it for a calmer mind? To remind yourself to be more open to love? To be more balanced? For strength? For aid in digestion, or help with your liver? There’s so many reasons.

Will you use it for meditation? Or do you simply want a reminder to follow your intentions, that will match with your outfit?

Whatever the reason you choose your mala, we support it as it’s promoting the same ideals of peace, and a calm mind.

– Ashley Wray is the co-founder of Mala Imports, which aims to connect everyone with their perfect mala — one that inspires them and reflects their intentions. The mala jewelry is handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and embodies fair trade, peace, and giving back.