How does music affect your workout

Are you the type who cannot go a second into a routine without bumping tunes or do you like to focus on each aspect of your form? I am personally not the later I require a long playlist full of all my favorite tracks. From my background I am aware that a strong mind-muscle connection has immense effects on physiological improvements. With that being said I was curious, does music interfere with mind-muscle connection? Can music improve your focus? Does the genre of music matter? These are the questions I set out to answer.

Research states exercising with music has many positive effects in comparison to working out with no music. What really caught my attention was the mention of how music causes a state of relaxation allowing the muscles to relax and in return causing an increase in blood flow. The more blood that flows through your system while training the higher the number of oxygen molecules delivered during each repetition. To me this is only good news!

As a result research also shows that individuals who listen to music while training spend on average more time during their routine, work harder and have a higher overall heart rate. Whether you are training your cardiovascular system, your muscular endurance system or trying to build your muscles hypertrophic ally, all three of those statements can benefit you!

To answer the final question I presented earlier, the genre of music does matter. If you like to listen to genres such as electronic, metal or anything with a fast beats per minute count; research states your movements overall will be quicker. The study showed individuals who listened to faster music produced faster reaction times and higher arousal levels. This later makes sense as we all know loud music sure makes the heart beat! So if you are going to listen to music make sure to listen to something other than classical! 

That about sums it up, listening to music does not interfere with your exercise routine and does prove to be physiologically beneficial.

Next time you head to the gym don’t forget your music player!

Ciao for now,

Ashly Hill




Image: Healthy times blogs