Janice's story: How car2go saved the night

We get as far as appetizers before my girlfriend and I know this blind double date needs an exit plan. Excusing myself, I pull up the car2go app on my phone…

Watch Janice’s car2go story:

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car2go janice

With over 550 vehicles and 30,000 members in Metro Vancouver, car2go gets the city going. Whether it’s a quick shopping trip on Main, a day of sailing at Jericho or a drive up to do the Grouse Grind, it’s up to you where you go, for as long and as often as you want. No fixed rental stations, but plenty of benefits for your budget and the environment.

car2go is offering a sweet deal for new members. Sign up here for just $10 and you’ll get 30 minutes of time for free – simply use the promo code car2goLIFE when registering.

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How it works

1. Find your car2go

  • Download the smartphone app or visit www.car2go.com
  • Reserve one for free 15 minutes in advance (if you want)

2. Get in and go

  • Unlock the car by scanning your Membercard on the windshield card reader
  • Enter your PIN on the touchscreen, remove the key and go!

3. Parking ways

End your trip within the Home Area at:

  • Permit/Resident only spots
  • Designated “car2go only” locations
  • Areas with no stopping/parking restrictions


  • $0.38/min
  • $13.99/hour
  • $72.99/day

Prices include gas, insurance, parking and mileage up to 200km per rental.
Rates are subject to government tax.


With a car2go membership, you always have an escape vehicle. Just grab a car when you need it and park it when you’re done! Sign up at www.vancouver.car2go.com and share your stories online with #car2goLIFE.


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