Hottest Winter Vegan Handbags

Dec 19 2017, 9:13 am

The biggest trends for vegan glamorous handbags this winter are a mix of styles, colours and textures.

450 Sutter clutch for evening--photo by Moanalani Jeffreey

Blue bags have been really popular lately, and green. Metallics are also very popular. Going into the spring, black/white combinations, violets, nudes and pinks will be right on trend.

Eva Longoria at the Presidential Inauguration with the Pacific Heights clutch--celebrities

Totes are always popular but there is a current trend for the bucket bags. This will continue to be a very important style.

Melrose Bag in blue for day bag section

This season iPad clutches, which can hold an iPad and still easily go to a dinner meeting are popular now.

Jill Milan's Octagon Clutch in White and Laurel Canyon in Red for Evening Section--Photo by Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

Textures are available in a wide range of vegan materials—cotton and/or linen coated fabrics, exquisite microsuedes and velvets.  It all depends on the individual’s taste and preference.

Anne Hathaway at the Batman premiere with Jill Milan's 450 Sutter bag

Celebrities like Anne Hathaway carry luxury vegan purses, like the 450 Sutter and the Art Deco, two vegan clutches which are handmade by a jewelry artisan in Florence. Eva Longoria frequently carries the Pacific Heights clutch because it is roomy and can easily be carried from day to evening. Jennifer Lawrence has carried the Art Deco vegan purse many times on the red carpet.

Jill Milan is a brand known for making luxury vegan bags handcrafted in Italy by a family-owned atelier that specializes in making the top European luxury brands. Each bag is stitched by hand and the hardware is custom and handmade. The process of taking a bag from the initial sketch is long and arduous. It typically takes us three months to create a new style of bag.

People assume that vegan materials are inexpensive and not durable. On the contrary, most of the Italian non-leathers are far more expensive than most leathers. Each year the luxury vegan handbag fabrics just keep getting better. The same micro suedes Jill Milan uses for their handbags are also used by luxury car makers. They are that durable!

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