Hot wedding trends to watch out for in 2016

Dec 20 2017, 3:53 am

2016 is well underway and with a new year comes new trends; the wedding industry is no exception. We’ve rounded up five of the hottest wedding trends to watch out for this year and we’re telling you why we love each one of them!

1. Mixed seating and dining layouts

In 2015, we saw long harvest style dining tables replace rounds and now we expect the two to come together in harmony for 2016. We’ll also be seeing the combination of different types of chairs as well as chairs mixed with other types of seating such as benches and lounge furniture in ceremony and reception spaces.

Why we love it: Variety is the spice of life and we love to see a good visual shake-up to the traditional seating plan. This option also allows you to provide a mix of traditional and casual seating based on demographic. Think classic rounds for your parents, grandparents and their friends and bench style seating at a long table positioned vertically for the bridal party and your friends. This is also the perfect solution for brides and groom that don’t like to feel “on display” at a traditional horizontal head table.

2. Pairing cocktails with canapés

Upscale comfort food and food truck appearances were on the rise in 2015, and now it’s time to pair this favourite fare with your go-to cocktails. Serve these up in mini portions so that your guests can enjoy the flavours together with ease. Think mini tacos with margarita shooters, mini burgers with craft beer, and cookies and espresso shots for dessert or a late night snack.

Why we love it: If mains can be matched with wines then why not pair canapés with a complementary cocktail? It’s also a definite crowd pleaser and provides some fun, unique eye candy for your photographer to capture.


3. Single bloom bouquets

Wild big trailing bouquets were a 2015 favourite but in 2016 we expect to see the return of a much simpler approach. A budding trend for 2016 (see what we did there?), single bloom bouquets feature just one type of floral often in the same colour. As an added bonus, single bloom bouquets since much less intricate are often a more cost effective approach to the traditional bouquet.

Why we love it: It’s elegant simplicity at its finest and doesn’t take away from the beauty of the bride. We love our single blooms with long stems and finished with hand dyed silk ribbon.

4. Navy is the new black

Get ready gents, navy is about to become the groom and groomsmen suit staple for 2016. Navy is very versatile (it can be dressed up or down depending on how formal or casual the wedding) and is somehow classic and modern at the same time, how perfect is that?

Why we love it: Let’s be real, guys have been suiting up in monochrome for decades so it’s nice to see them in a little more colour. If you want to get even more daring, we recommend pushing the fashion boundaries further in Maroon and Marsala.

5. Stylish separates

Two-piece bridal attire was all the rage on the runways in 2015 so it’s going to be fun to see these play out in real life this year. This look allows you the flexibility of having different sizes, shapes, and fabrics on the top and bottom making the task of finding that perfect dress so much easier.

Why we love it: This look can be rocked in many different variations. For example, a ball gown skirt with looser three-quarter length lace top for the more conservative timeless bride or form fitting silk skirt with mid drift baring crop top for the more boho fashion forward bride. As an added bonus, a two-piece look can actually be a less expensive approach to a traditional wedding gown and often these separates (the top in particular) can be worn again after the wedding day.


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