6 steps to hosting a party in your 30s (if you suck at parties)

Jun 14 2018, 6:29 am

Once you hit your 30s, you realize your definition of partying looks a little different than it did a decade earlier (sorry for the reminder).

Sure, you still have the wild nights out every now and again but it can take twice as long to recover. But why let that stop you? Just bring your social life indoors (and to your own home) and party on your own terms. Boom, we just cured ageing.

That’s why we’ve rounded up six steps to hosting a party in your 30s (if you suck at hosting parties). This starts with the essentials, obviously.

Send a detailed menu to all of your guests


You want the evening to run smoothly, so sending out a detailed menu to all of your guests is the way to go. We’re talking about researching any dietary issues your guests may have, finding out their favourite and most disliked foods, and then creating and sending out a menu that is going to blow their minds. Having absolutely no chill is the mark of a great host.

Make sure you’ve got the cooking part down

Range/Handy Appliances

Of course, if you’re sending out a menu to your guests in advance, you’re not afraid to cook. (Unless you plan on having the whole party catered, which is always a baller move if you can afford it.)

A good meal starts with the right range because it gives you the space you need to have multiple items cooking at once. You can throw down anything from $500 to $1,500 on a solid range that will last you through many parties.

Keep your wine in a cooler

Wine cooler/Handy appliances

Nothing spoils the taste of a-well-thought out and painstakingly prepared dinner like the vinegary disappointment of a ten dollar bottle of wine. Also, splashing out on a few good bottles of wine screams sophistication.

Pro-tip: store your wine in a cooler, not in your kitchen refrigerator. Coolers offer more moderate temperatures, higher humidity and of course contain zero food odours which can seriously affect the taste and ageing process of your precious vino.

Serve dessert with a drink

Built-in coffee maker/Handy Appliances

If you’re planning on hosting a memorable party you’re going to pull out all the stops for your guests and that includes preparing dessert and barista-style beverages. We suggest coffee as a non-alcoholic digestif after dinner (because everyone will have had a fair bit of wine by then).

It’s no use serving up instant coffee from a jar because that’s not going to leave a great taste in anyone’s mouth. Instead, turn to your built-in coffee machine that can make everything from espressos to cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos – so classy.

Get ready for some damage control

Steam washing machine/Handy Appliances

Parties are a universally awesome idea, until the morning after when you’re left with piles of trash, dirty dishes, and hungover couch surfers. There’s always that one friend who accidentally spills red wine on your cushion covers (and they will pay for their crimes).

But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world once you’re prepared ahead of time. A steam function washing machine will basically pay for itself after your third catastrophic winesplosion.

Forget the paper plates

Dishwasher/Handy Appliances

First thing’s first, paper plates are great for massive outdoor events where it would take a seriously long amount of time to get everything through a dishwasher. Even if you want to take the easy way out when it comes to the washing up, paper plates and plastic utensils have the power to make it seem like you never really moved out of your college dorm room.

That’s why it’s key to invest in a reliable dishwasher ahead of time so you know you can just pop everything in before you go to bed and they’ll be clean and ready for you to put away in the morning.

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