Vancouver prank video about a homeless millionaire goes viral

Dec 20 2017, 3:37 am

Sometimes the things to that do well on YouTube are really quite surprising.

The video-sharing platform isn’t just music videos and cute puppies – it contains an underworld of bizarre stunts, irreverant commentaries, and truly pointless clips that are all meant to entertain in bite-sized doses. Of course there is some brilliant content, like TED Talks, how-to’s, and web series that go above and beyond.You can decide for yourself which category this video falls into.

The Homeless Millionaire Prank video was filmed in Gastown and features a nice looking man stumbling around in a white robe covered in mysterious poo-like stains. He appears to be drunk, but he is supposed to be homeless. There have likely been better interpretations of our homeless population.

The name of the game is to convince someone to let him borrow their phone to call a friend for a ride. Sadly, no one wants to give their phone to the visibly distraught man wandering around in a robe, let alone ask him if everything’s okay. Does a man like this really look capable of stealing a phone and out-running you?

Anyway, he finally scores and a black Rolls Royce pulls up with a sharply dressed butler. For no apparent reason, the man then pulls off his white robe revealing only a black pair of thong underwear (why?!), and gets in the car. The kind man who lent the phone is rewarded with some amount of money.

The near-naked man then travels enthusiastically across the Lions Gate Bridge and up to the British Properties where he and his butlers exit the car and begin performing a almost-NSFW choreographed dance possibly taken from a Magic Mike outtake.

It’s the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” theme, but the video somehow managed to net over 1.1 million views since being posted on January 3.

Take a look for yourselves.

[youtube id=”I97qh0bs6-M”]

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