7 effective ways to pet-proof your home as a first-time pet owner

Jun 15 2020, 3:01 pm

Thousands of adorable pets are adopted in BC every year, and it’s no surprise given the calming effect that animals can have on us while helping us stay present. Couple this with the unconditional snuggles and companionship pets give us, and you’ll realize why many people have a furry four-legged best friend.

If you’ve recently become a pet parent or you’re going through the adoption process right now, there’s one thing to remember: no matter how cute an animal is, it can unintentionally make a mess in your place. From unwanted odours to digging up furniture, pet ownership comes with a new set of trials.

There are (thankfully) some simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening and save your belongings from destruction. With that in mind, here are seven effective home pet-proofing ideas to try this month.

Install a pet gate (or three)

Being a pet parent comes with several responsibilities, and ensuring your pet’s safety is always top of the list. If you turn your back to prepare dinner, they could run, waddle, or hop out the back door before you even notice they’re gone. Installing a pet gate between your most-used rooms and at the top or bottom of the stairs offers peace of mind and a little extra security.

Be ready to tackle pet odours

Pet odours are an inevitable part of pet parenting, but they can quickly turn your home into an unappealing space if no action is taken. Although 69% of Canadians experience unwanted smells in their home that they wish to get rid of, 29% avoid using air fresheners out of concern for the perceived harmful chemicals and ingredients in the formula.

Febreze, however, is carefully formulated, tested by over 100 scientists and experts, and free from harsh and unsafe chemicals, making it a safe and easy solution for combating pet odours. Many of the ingredients are even derived from nature, coming from foods like corn and sweet potatoes.

Keep electrical cables out of sight

We all know that pets love a good play session, whether that’s a 30-minute game of fetch or traversing a climbing wall. They might also mistake electrical cables from your TV or laptop as chewable play toys, and that’s when things can get tricky. To keep cables safe and out of your pet’s way, try using a spiral cable wrap or secure adhesive cord clips.

Make sure trash cans are covered


Most pets like the smell of food, and they’ll do anything they can to get their paws on it — even if it’s in the trash can. Instead of walking into your kitchen to see empty food packaging and crumbs everywhere, be proactive and make sure that all trash cans are covered. Better yet, store covered trash cans inside cabinets!

Use latched cabinets for food storage

Little paws have the power to do big things, like open cabinets and pull items out from inside the units (their snacks or yours). Installing latches on cabinets where you store food is a foolproof way to protect your pet from eating something they shouldn’t — AKA, all of their treats.

Create spaces for your pet’s activities

As a first-time pet owner, it’s key to have set spaces for your pet’s activities so they can distinguish what is and isn’t theirs. You could perhaps set up their bowls in the kitchen beside the back door in case they want to go outside after eating, or place their bed in the living room. Another option is to leave their leash near the front door which signals where you’ll depart for walks together.

Decorate with non-poisonous houseplants

Spending more time indoors is inspiring us to spruce up our décor with the addition of houseplants. However, plants like lilies, sago palm, pothos, aloe vera, and jade are considered dangerous for pets, so it’s worth spending time researching before you invest in houseplants. Artificial plants are also a great low-maintenance option for decorating a space.

With everything you need to pet-proof your home, you’ll be ready to take on anything with your new furry friend.

If you’re keen to discover more about Febreze as a safe and effective pet odour solution, visit the brand’s website now and learn about the ingredients used in each product.

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