4 ways to decorate for the holidays that suits your home style

Dec 14 2021, 10:03 pm

It is that time of year again! Time to bring out the decor to make your home a holiday cosy central another time.

Some of us love decorating but there’s so many varieties/ styles to play with, it can take time to plan out a particular style.

If you’re someone who loves to decorate but wants to maintain the aesthetic you worked so hard for year round, this is the article for you. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to find decorations that suit your existing home decor style.

Think green first

Greenery is a great start when you think of holiday decorations (hello, gorgeous trees!).

I like to think of any greenery as the base to the rest of my decorations since plants are always great additions that typically don’t disrupt the overall aesthetic. Adding pops of green from your tree to some potted plants and natural garland, really helps tie in an overall effect.

holiday decorating


Try matching colour palettes

The best way to coordinate any holiday decor with your existing design is to consider what is already going on. Try purchasing decor, whether its trinkets or your ornaments, with colours that match the year round palette. For example, if you go for a primarily white base, find white ornaments and decor pieces to feel connected.

Holiday Decorating


Add subtle comfort elements

While I don’t just want to encourage subtly when it comes to holiday decorating (having fun is all part of it), finding sneakier ways to add levels of comfort and holiday cheer is a great way to max out the festiveness while still remaining coordinated. Play with woodsy centre pieces like pine cone bowls or add small wreaths around the base of your favourite candles. All the little details will come together to make one big impact.

Holiday Decorations


Use the style/ make of your home do the work

Sometimes we overlook the existing structure of our home when it comes to decor. For example, a more traditional style won’t blend well with super modern and metallic holiday decor and vice versa. Try assessing the natural structure and style of your home and search inspiration apps like Pinterest to find the best aesthetics that match that particular home make. 

Home decor should be fun, especially this time of year! I hope you have the cosiest and happiest holidays in your home.

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