Holiday travel just got easier for some "low-risk" Canadians

Dec 19 2017, 1:14 pm

The Canadian government has announced new initiatives aimed at making air travel to the Unites States easier for a select group of passengers.

Four of Canada’s busiest airports (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal) will implement dedicated lines destined for a shortened screening process. These lanes will be open to NEXUS members and those considered “low-risk Trusted Travelers,” who have undergone extensive background checks.

Those select passengers will not have to take off shoes, belts, hats, or light jackets during screening, and they will be permitted to keep their permitted liquids, aerosols and gels in their carry-on bags.

Another way transborder air travel will involve more efficient customs clearing, upgraded Trusted Traveler kiosks have been installed in Canadian airports where NEXUS is available.

“In working with our aviation security partners in Canada and the United States, our government is committed to safe and secure travel. We will continue to strengthen both the security and efficiency of our aviation system,” says The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Minister of Transport.

The Canadian government has a range of holiday travel tips and links available online through their Holiday Travel Toolkit. There are over a million NEXUS members already; information about the program, including how to apply, is available online.

Featured image: Canadian passport and boarding pass via Shutterstock