Hockey fans plan rallies for Canucks' Gino Odjick this Sunday

Dec 19 2017, 11:05 am

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks website posted a letter from Gino Odjick saying he has been diagnosed with a terminal heart disease.

He revealed that two months ago, he was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis – a rare condition that causes protein to be deposited in the heart. It hardens his heart and it could only give him months, maybe even weeks to live.

“I was diagnosed with this disease a few days after Pat Quinn’s ring of honour night. 48 hours later I received the news and I’ve been in the hospital under the supervision of some great doctors ever since. I also have the support of my family and some great friends,” wrote Odjick.

“I’m telling you about this now because news is beginning to leak out and I wanted you to know the truth and hear it from me personally.”

In a matter of hours, loyal Canucks fans began to organize events to support the Canuck alumnus:

Both events already have nearly 1,000 ‘confirmed’ attendees. Fans plan to chant ‘Gino! Gino!’ outside.

In addition to the events, a website was created overnight for fans to send their Wishes to Gino.


Featured Image: Wishes to Gino