H&M finally launches Canadian online shopping site

Oct 27 2016, 3:44 pm

Impulse shoppers and fast fashion addicts, you’ll be delighted to know that H&M has finally launched online shopping in Canada.

Took them long enough, eh?

The online store launches today, October 27, and will include their ladies, mens, teens, and children’s lines, as well as online exclusives and H&M Beauty.

Not only that, but their homeware will be included in their online shop.

Yes. So much yes.

In celebration of the launch of the e-commerce store, H&M is offering free shipping and opening offers on select items. New H&M app subscribers will get 25% off one item of their choice in addition to free shipping.

So what took so long? H&M has been in Canada for 12 years, after all.

“To be completely open and transparent, we were really focused on opening brick and mortar stores for the past few years that we’ve been in the Canadian marketplace,” Emily Scarlett with H&M told Daily Hive back in April. “We had a massive demand from our customers.”

So what will you buy from H&M today?