Two killed in Sea-to-Sky Highway crash were 19-year old UBC students

Dec 19 2017, 8:55 am

Two UBC students have been killed after a fatal crash on the Sea-to-Sky Highway early Saturday morning.

According to university campus newspaper Ubyssey, four women were traveling in a Jeep Cherokee when their vehicle veered onto the oncoming lane and crashed into a pickup truck near Loggers Creek just north of Lions Bay.

All four passengers were second year students at UBC with two identified as Americans and the other two as Canadians.

Freezing temperatures and icy conditions were reported that morning, however, at this time it has not been deemed as the cause of the incident. The two women who survived the crash sustained injuries including one who is in serious condition. The driver of the pick-up was treated on-site for minor injuries.

The two students killed in the crash were Olivia Sonja Robertson and Valentine Leborgne, both 19 years of age. A memorial for the two students, who hail from California and Ontario, was held at UBC’s Chan Centre earlier this evening.

Image: Josef Hanus / Shutterstock