Highlighting Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga: The Ultimate Satisfaction

Your heart is racing, core temperature rising, and blood pressure skyrocketing. There’s heavy breathing, muscles are tightening, contortions, sweat, lots of sweat, and after ninety minutes of this, the ultimate satisfaction. I hope you weren’t thinking about sex, because this is better than sex. It’s Bikram Yoga, and it’s continuing its expansion across the globe, changing lives with its health benefits and giving us the new definition of “afterglow”.

For those who have shared this afterglow, I need not say more. But for many, they have yet to experience such bliss. I hope to convince you that the above paragraph is not hyperbole, as for many it’s already a reality. Luckily sex and Bikram’s can co-exist, but more so, they can enhance each other and many other aspects of our lives. Today, I will take you through the beautiful, physical expression that is Bikram Yoga.

As you step into the dim room, the warm air immediately gives rise to your attention, but is never alarming. One by one, yogis fill the room, lying down quietly on their mats in anticipation of class. Many lie still, some stretch, but all attempt to find peace of mind, as what’s about to transpire requires the utmost balance, focus, and determination. What is also evident is that this Yoga knows no judgment. All ages, body types, beliefs, and ailments are welcome and seen on a regular basis.

Together, the class begins to breathe deeply, the energy rises and in a matter of minutes the sweat begins to pour. We do the same 26 postures every class, but no class is ever boring or the same. In fact, this allows for a greater sense of awareness. We all develop benchmarks which let us know when we are feeling extra flexible or a little winded, allowing us to adjust and make the most of every class. Most students find that an insecurity or setback today is often a triumph tomorrow.

As the class continues, led by a teacher’s dialogue, some will make leaps in their progression and some will struggle. And while some have the flexibility of a gymnast while others can barely touch their toes; there is absolutely no sense of competition. It’s because the true accomplishment is just being there. That’s why it works and that’s why everyone who’s tried it knows about the feeling I’m talking about.

The class winds down soon after completing its deepest backward bend and forward compression of the spine, an incredible release in itself. As the 90 minutes comes to a close, the deepest sense of satisfaction begins to set in. You and your fellow yogis all begin to experience ‘it’. Just imagine feeling relaxed, revitalized, and satisfied, all on your own accord. Every part of your is body thanking you.

Don’t believe it? Commit to twenty sessions, bring the right attitude, and start experiencing the afterglow that some of us already enjoy, sometimes even twice a day.

Tiffany Leong
Bikram Yoga Instructor

Image: Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive