Herschel: The Journal Issue Two

Dec 19 2017, 9:37 am

It’s hard to think of a Canadian brand that has grown as much as Herschel in the last few years. Started back in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon, Herschel has since developed a cult following, spreading their iconic retro-styled bags and accessories all over the globe. Success would be an understatement to have achieved what Herschel has achieved in less than four years.

Success often pairs with expansion, and in Herschel’s case it’s print, in the form of “The Journal”.

Serving as a platform to take a deeper look into Herschel’s creative process, The Journal provides the reader with behind-the-scenes access to the inspirations behind the development of prints, photoshoots and products. Issue two covers the Herschel team’s recent trips to Tofino BC, Valladolid Mexico, and their first ever artist collaboration with Kevin Butler of Venice Beach. The joint effort brought about a print based off of Kevin Butler’s “Rad Cars” series, applied to a series of Herschel’s classic bag silhouettes in addition to a one of a kind surfboard sock.

nico de torresnico de torres

This past Friday, in celebration of The Journal’s second issue, Herschel presented an art installation event with an invitation extended to all. The event featured the original artwork from the Rad Cars series, photography and original watercolor typography from the latest issue, as well as a life-size Land Rover Defender boasting stacks of surfboards. Being Herschel’s first event extended out to the general public, the effort made sure to further connect with the local community, not just with media and industry folk, but to the people who often matter the most, the consumers.

 Be sure to check your local Herschel stockists for copies of The Journal, and stay updated for future Herschel events here.